KABA Mentorship Program Description

KABA’s Mentorship Program is designed to create mentorship “families” which connect law students, junior attorneys, and senior attorneys. The program is intended to:

  1. Foster relationships among KABA law students, entry level attorneys and more experienced attorneys, providing the student with a variety of perspectives on law school, the bar, and the practice of law; and
  2. Foster relationships between more experienced attorneys and entry level attorneys who may be new to a particular practice or who are navigating the first few years of practice.

Mentorship Families will be matched based on common professional goals and interests. Mentors within the families will include government attorneys, law firm partners, judges, public interest lawyers, and in-house counsel.

Program Guidelines

  • The mentor-mentee relationship commitment is for a calendar year.
  • Mentors and mentees are encouraged to attend KABA events together, including a kickoff event for the mentorship program that usually takes place in February.
  • Participants can be law students or attorneys.
  • All mentees must be a KABA member. Membership for Law Students is free.

Application Process and Deadlines:

If you are interested in being involved as a mentor or mentee, submit the attached application by end of the year for a mentorship family the following year to kabaconsultant@gmail.com. Please indicate in the subject field whether you are applying to be a mentor or a mentee.

Mentorship families will be announced prior to the Annual Meeting of Members and mentorship launch which usually takes place in February.

Click HERE for the Mentee Application

Click HERE for the Mentor Application